International Travel Insurance…

The idea of traveling abroad is certainly exciting. We also know that anything can happen and when it does, exciting can quickly turn into scary. I don’t know about you but I miss the comfort of home even when I have a cold – imagine what it would feel like being really sick or even in need of medical attention in a country you don’t call home. That’s exactly why we offer a combination of insurance products and unparalleled services to bring you peace of mind wherever you are.

Things people rarely plan for:

• Natural Disaster   • Terrorism   • Ransom
• Emergency Dental   • Return of Children   • Property Damage

Whether you’re just visiting or living abroad, the best approach is to be prepared.

If you’re a nervous traveler, coverage can provide peace of mind that can affect your whole travel experience.
If you’re going on a cruise or even taking a tour while traveling, insurance can be a huge benefit. Cruise lines and tour companies have become far less flexible over the years and having a policy can really protect you.
Did you know that many medical providers outside the US often ask for payment up-front? No one expects anything to happen, but when it does (and it does) the right coverage can save you thousands or possibly tens of thousands in expenses you weren’t prepared for.